BSc MSc & MBA in Telecom , Telecommunication | Bachelors & Masters Degree in IT & Information   Technology | Network Security  | Computer Networking | Database Management | Free Certification bsc in telecom
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Online BSc in Telecom | MSc in Telecom | MBA in Telecom | elearning bachelors & masters degree in IT , Telecommunication , Information Technology , Network Security , Computer Networking and Database Management | Free Online University Certifications
BSc in Telecom | Telecommunication | Bachelor of Science in IT | Information Technolgy | Computer Network Security | Degree in Database Management | Business Analysis

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BACHELOR OF SCIENCE : 36 Months Course ( 3 years )

      Bachelor of Science - Career in Telecommunication

      Bachelor of Science - Career in Data Networks & Security

      Bachelor of Science - Career in Network Security

      Bachelor of Science - Career in Computer Networking

      Bachelor of Science - Career in Management


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    Recognition & Accreditations :

    Technology Incubation Center CIU entered into Technical Collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya to conduct undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Network Security and Telecom Management.

    Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) is established through  Meghalaya State legislative Act, 2010 (Meghalaya Act No.6 of 2011), published in the Gazette of Meghalaya vide No.LL (B).138/2010/41.The Promoting body of MGU has vast experience in the field of Education. University is setup with an objective of providing best quality education to the students. Mahatma Gandhi University is empowered to award degrees as specified by the University Grants Commission (UGC) under section 22 of the UGC Act 1956 & approved by Distance Education Council(DEC).